Good Morning Revolution (SnapShot Poetry)

Check out this fun and engaging method of encouraging poetry analysis in the classroom. It is known as ‘SnapShot Poetry.’ “Has a single line of poetry ever ‘jumped out at you’ -or- ‘spoken to you’ in a voice that remains with you to this day? A few words that project powerful pictures that flash on the movie screen of your mind’s eye? That is what this assignment is all about” (Philip Sexsmith). A SnapShot Poetry Assignment has students choosing a poem or song of interest to them and isolating the key line that ‘speaks to them.’ They will then visually interpret this line through a digital photograph in which they will incorporate that line into the photograph. Check out my example of Snapshot Poetry below as I enlist my photography skills to visually interpret Langston Hughes poem Good Morning Revolution.

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Technology Resource List For Social Studies Teachers

One of my final assignments for the faculty of education at the University of New Brunswick, to complete a course on Instructional Technology Across the Currculum, was to put together a useful resource list which would help incorporate technology in the classroom. For my resource list, designed as a newsletter called Making Connections, I focused on the important area of Social Studies education, including resources that would help incorporate global education into lesson plans. Enjoy and share.

Download the PDF here ——> Making Connections – Technology & Social Studies Education

The Literature of Modern History

Here it is folks; a cross-curricular course plan for Modern History 112 and English Language Arts alike, hitting all of the curricular outcomes in both of the Atlantic Canadian documents. It is called ‘Literature of Modern History,’ and was developed through collaboration by four pre-service teachers at the University of New Brunswick, Danielle Doucett, Nicholas Gresh, Cory Roberts, and myself. It is an excellent resource for engaging students and bringing meaning and relevance to their lives, with lessons that appeal to all of Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences.

Literature of Modern History 112

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